About me

Hi! My name is Michael Gulka. I'm an engineering student at McMaster university in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. When I'm not doing schoolwork, you can find me messing around with some code, playing video games, sailing, watching football (go Ticats!), or anything else that I might've gotten myself into this particular week. While you're here, check out my projects (assuming there's anything interesting there), my resume (if you're here for that reason), and especially my dog pics! Thanks for stopping by!

Skills and other stuff

So let's face it.., if you're here you're either a bored friend, a weird web-scraper bot, or you want to see what I can do. Fair enough. If you don't care about any of this stuff, click here to skip it. I have experience writing code in Python, Java, and C#. I was on my high school FRC team for four years, writing code, wiring electrical, and just messing around in the shop. Check out our Blue Alliance page here. Besides that, check out my projects (which conveniently starts in the next paragraph) to learn more about what I can do, or check out my year 1 engineering portfolio to see some more engineering-specific stuff.


So one of my major flaws is that when I try to work on something on my own time, I tend to forget about projects or abandon them halfway through. For a prime example, see this website. It was a picture of a dog from when I made it in 2017 until July 2021. Just a dog. Nothing else. Not to fear! When something has a deadline, I get it done. For an example of that see any school project ever. Hopefully as I progress through my schooling and my life in general, I can add more cool stuff to this list! Anyway, here's the list, since you're probably skipping this paragraph anyway.

  • Pic-A-Friend

    A project for Hack the Northeast 2021. The app is designed to easily photoshop people into their friends' photos, helping people social distance during COVID-19.

    Did it work?: Sort of!

    Link: Pic-A-Friend

  • Macbot/Authbot

    A discord bot initially designed to ensure members of a server were students at McMaster university. Since then, its scope has increased.

    Does it work?: Yes!

    Link: Authbot. Macbot is currently not open source.

  • 4618 Scouting

    A combination android app & desktop python app for scouting the 2018/2019 FRC season. Communicates via Bluetooth & does data analysis & dynamic templates.

    Did it work? Like a solid 80% of the time.

    Link: 4618 Scouting

  • This website

    Yea... I don't have a lot of recent work that I feel confident in showing off. More to Come!

    Does it work?: You tell me. Seriously, are you having any issues?

    Link: Well... not too sure what to put here.


So yea... I guess I listen to that. My main genres are power metal and rock, but I can honestly listen to just about anything. Here's a Spotify playlist of some of the music I listen to!

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Now you may ask, "Michael, why is this a section on your website? Surely this isn't as important as other things on here?" And that would be a good question.

Dog pics!

Don't lie. This is why you're here. Even if you came for other reasons, you saw dog pics in the sidebar and knew you had to check that out. Its ok. I'll give you dog pics.


Here's the Google Photos album if these pictures don't cut it.


Google Photos album

Other dogs

Still good boys